Craft Consulting* and emdash** have officially joined forces to create: CREM

CREM recognizes and celebrates excellence and originality in writing from secondary school students (grades 9-12) around the world. We seek ambitious, passionate, insightful, and creative individuals to submit their work. CREM provides meaningful feedback by qualified editors and publishes outstanding essays on a platform that provides global exposure.

The creative writing process you participate in, combined with the quality feedback you receive from our experts, will help you to become more confident, polished writers. Your experience through CREM will equip you with the writing skills necessary to tackle college application essays with focus and eloquence

We are always open to submissions. If you are interested, please visit our “How to Submit” page.

*Craft Consulting: an education consultancy that helps students gain admissions to top-tier universities around the world.
**emdash: an educational platform that hosts international tournaments in a myriad of fields and provides associated instructional programs to prepare students for success in fair and transparent competitions of goodwill.

Senior Editors 

Introducing Our Senior Editors 

David Charlton

David received his BA in English Literature from the University of Calgary. He taught English in Korea at Kyongwon University and Tongwon University. In addition, he has written or edited numerous textbooks related to language acquisition, grammar, and writing. His speculative fiction has been published in magazines such as Clarkesworld and Unnerving.

Tapanga Koe

Tapanga is an internationally published short story author and poet. She has worked as a private consultant, with a specialization in vignette memoirs, for over 15 years. She also brings a rich background in ESL textbook development, business writing consultancy, marketing content development, and technical writing across various industries, including research reports and analysis.